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Keeping Birth Sacred since 2018
Intersectional birth justice that centers all the ways Black folx build families
Keep birth sacred.

In order to honor the sanctity of birth, we must honor ourselves, our cultures, our lineages, and our innate power to bring life into the world. We deserve to bring the next generations into the world without fear, coercion, or manipulation. We deserve to bring the next generations into the world through care, love, and peace.

Though this seems simple, for Black folx with multiple marginalized identities, we often do not have access to peace, love, or care in our experiences with the medical industrial complex and family-based organizations. Queer and trans folx, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, alternative family structures, and other ways of existing outside the norm are often erased even as people with these identities are more likely to be harmed by systems that weren't made for us.

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The mission of Kuluntu Reproductive Justice Center is to bridge reproductive justice and reproductive health through resources, education, and support in order to strengthen the abilities of Black women, femmes, nonbinary folx, and girls to make informed and liberating decisions about their bodies, families, and lives.
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