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It's not birth justice if it's not intersectional.
LGBTQIA+ people have always existed, and thanks to huge wins in social and political life, it is becoming more common for people to be "out" or to live their identities out loud.

20% of Generation Z identifies as lesbian, gay, queer, bisexual, or another sexual identity besides heterosexual. In addition, 12% identify as transgender or gender non-conforming. Of this population 63% are either planning on or interested in being parents.

When we intersect this information with what we know about the maternal and infant mortality crises, we can imagine that Black families with multiple marginalized identities have unique needs and desires that deserve to be met, and that providing culturally competent care on multiple levels can reduce trauma and harms caused in the medical system.

How are you as a birth or family professional preparing to work with this population? How does your organization create space for birthing families who don't fit the "traditional" (read: white heteronormative) mold? How are you working to improve the experiences of people who are navigating systems not meant for them?

In addition to trainings listed below, we also offer consulting and speaking services. Consider Kuluntu RJC for your conference keynote, to evaluate a current program, or to provide a training for your organization today. Check out our offerings and reach out using the form below to discuss how we can work together to implement intersectional birth justice in your organization.
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