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Keep birth sacred.

This is more than a tagline. Birth is a sacred transition that needs to be honored as such. As a full-spectrum doula and childbirth educator, Khye creates space for LGBTQI people of color navigating many of the sacred transitions: abortion, fertility, birth, and postpartum.
Labor doula services
We deserve to bring the next generations into the world without fear, coercion, or manipulation. We deserve to bring the next generations into the world through love and peace. We deserve to have our needs met, our cultures honored, and our values aligned with those of our providers.

Labor doula clients meet with Khye for prenatal and postpartum planning. You will receive a postpartum care package and access to the Sacred Birth Childbirth Education course! ($600 value)

Labor doula packages:
  • Gettin' Ready for Baby $999
  • On the Hotline, Baby $1,212
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Postpartum doula services
As your doula, I create space for you to explore what this transition means for you. How does your body want to be honored? Your spirit?

What do you desire for your postpartum experiences? What are your boundaries?

How can your family and community aid you in having a healing transition instead of a traumatic one?

Postpartum doula packages:
  • We Gotchu Baby (virtual) $277
  • We Gotchu Baby (in person) $377
  • Baby Meets Kuluntu (in person) $777
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Fertility doula services
As LGBTQI families, fertility isn't as simple for us. Add to that the infinite intersections of race, class, religion, ability, and other identities, and you may feel that you need additional support.

Would you like to work with someone who can hold space for your emotions during this time? To assist as you navigate the plethora of information available to you about building your family? Kuluntu RJC would love to work with your family as you build it to your heart's desire.

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Abortion doula services
During this time, you may be feeling a variety of complex emotions. Everyone needs support, and that support can be more impactful if the person supporting you shares some of your identities and experiences. Regardless of the legality of abortion in the United States and Georgia, Kuluntu RJC is available to discuss your options as you determine what's best for you and your family.

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Digital products
Are you looking for guidance through your pregnancy, labor/birth, or postpartum journey but don't want to hire a doula? No worries, I gotchu.

Visit to learn more about our Sacred Birth Childbirth Education course, workbooks to determine your birth preferences and community support, and more.
Digital products to prepare for birth
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Keep birth sacred.


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